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Chromebook Recovery Utility
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Chromebook Recovery Utility

Recover Your Chromebook with the Chrome Extension

Are you struggling with your Chromebook and need a reliable solution? Look no further! The Chrome Extension for Chromebook Recovery is here to rescue you from your technical woes. With a user rating of 2.16, this tool has garnered mixed feedback but has proven to be a valuable asset for many users.

Effortless Recovery for M55+ Chromebooks and Other Devices

Whether you own an M55+ Chromebook, a Windows device, or a Mac device, this extension is compatible with all of them. It enables you to create recovery media effortlessly, ensuring a smooth and efficient system recovery process.

Simple Installation and User-Friendly Instructions

Installing the Chrome Extension is a breeze. Once installed, you can easily follow the step-by-step instructions provided to create your recovery media. The tool ensures that the process is straightforward and hassle-free, even for users with limited technical knowledge.

Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Before utilizing the Chrome Extension, it's crucial to note that by installing this item, you agree to the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. This guarantees that your data and privacy remain protected throughout the recovery process, giving you peace of mind.

User Reviews: Experiences Shared

Let's dive into what some users have to say about their experience with the Chrome Extension:

  • Erdoğan Altındal: "I installed it on my HP virus laptop, it's fast and works well. However, I had some issues with sound, WiFi, and Bluetooth not being active."
  • Claudio D'Orazi: "It works fine, but only with the Chrome browser, not with other browsers."
  • Hiram Gabriel: "It messes up USB drives, don't use it."
  • Lucy Heartfilia: "Nothing installed after I was done with the recovery tool."
  • juan jose cossio: "Terrible application, it doesn't properly save files and even made one of my USB drives unusable."
  • Raimonds Bidlauskis: "This Extension is dead!"
  • Padraic F: "It won't do anything."
  • Nitin Harit: "Hi Developer team, the extension is quite good. PLEASE ADD AN AUTO-DETECT OPTION FOR THE BEST SUITABLE ISO FOR LAPTOPS. Thank you."
  • Luis Antonio Saucedo H.: "There's no way to run this app, I uninstalled it."
  • Ed4nis: "I needed this extension to install Chrome OS Flex. The whole process of creating a USB installer is simple. However, be aware that the device you use (e.g., USB drive) will become the installer, so you won't be able to remove data from it, and its capacity will be around 60 MB. The easiest way to restore the device to factory settings is by performing a Low-Level Format using dedicated software like HDDLLF."

Based on these user reviews, it's evident that the Chrome Extension for Chromebook Recovery has yielded mixed results. While some users encountered difficulties and issues, others found it to be a valuable tool for recovering their Chromebooks.

If you're facing issues with your Chromebook and require a reliable recovery solution, give the Chrome Extension a try. Just remember to follow the provided instructions diligently and be mindful of any potential issues mentioned in the user reviews. It's always recommended to backup your data before proceeding with any recovery process to ensure a smooth experience.

Create recovery media for Chromebooks, Windows, and Mac devices.

Easy to use tool with instructions provided.

Agree to Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

891 reviews
30 Reviews For This Extension
Thomas Mollerup Adelhardt

Not working on Linux.

Matilda McKinley

Works great. Was able to create a ChromeOS Flex installation tool and turn an older/slower Windows 10 computer to ChromeOS that works significantly better and not have to look into buying an actual Chromebook.

pierre alexandre pautrat

I see the extension installed, google write "start the extension", but how you start this extension ? Even with my friend Google i can't find.

Ken Rock

Get Started doesn't start anything!

Cell Tech Hampton Roads

doesn't work at all. "Unknown error: Writing image to device failed..Please try again."

Will Gunson

The only way to use this is by using a USB flash drive or SD card. The 'pixelbook go' doesn't have USB or SD card inputs so this method of recovery is useless.

Mark Searle

Totally broken. Cannot click on "get started"!

Welliam Wallace

Does not work "Get Started" button Doesn't do anything!

Krzysztof Mierzejewski

It does what it is supposed to do.


I did it on mac. USB won't boot. I tried on Linux. Not supported (so why is the extension even available????). I guess I will use Parallels to try on windows but I'm not optimistic at this point. At any rate, come on google, flex supports Linux to some degree, yet you can't make the USB installer on it? Stupid. EDIT: Patrick Lizaso, what is the work around?


fixed perfectly

Darron Fick

On Windows 10, the extension could not format/write to the USB memory. So I ran it on another Chromebook and it finished, so go figure. The recovery then succeeded - for an older model "TERRA" device.

Gabriel Miller

Gets to the "Writing" phase and stops working.


i cant select chrome os flex

Darwisy Siuuu44

Pls make on mobile

Frank Smith

Does not work in Chrome or in Microsoft Edge. Well, that's is for using a Chromebook. I will be getting rid of the Chromebook, never getting another one. The only other choice is to pay Lenovo to get a Utility. I was told it would cost $120 just to have it available if I need it.

Valley Baptist

The product works amazing! It seems to work better on MacOS and anything linux based. Windows has a hard time making this ext work.

Yahya Ali

not working

David Kra

The USB creator not run on linux, but explicitly states so. This 3 star rating is meant to not change the average (2.2) rating by much. To install on linux follow directions in the FAQ: https://support.google.com/chromeosflex/answer/11543105?authuser=0 Last time I looked, they were: To create a USB installer on Linux: Download the installation image from CrOS Updates Serving. https://chromiumdash.appspot.com/serving-builds?deviceCategory=Chrome%20OS%20Flex In the Codename column, look for reven. Extract the zip. Insert your USB drive. Be sure to remove all other removable media. Open a terminal or command line. Use the command to write the image to USB: sudo dd if=image_name.bin of=/dev/sdN bs=4M status=progress image_name.bin—The name of the extracted installer file /dev/sdN—The USB drive Warning: It is easy to overwrite data, so double-check the destination before you run the command.

Edwin Mensah

Crashes on the last disk image writing stage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James Booth

If you can't get this working then maybe you should sell your Chromebook as you do not deserve it.

Erwin Ramthun

You click on get started and nothing happens. Absolutely frustrating. Google should be ashamed.

Adam Fritz

I made a recovery disk successfully from Chromebook, but then when I boot into recovery mode and try to use it immediately after, it said verification failed and my recovery was "out-of-date". Then I couldn't figure out how to exit without forcing a hard reboot/shutdown.


I way too USBs than a normal human should, but none of them are good enough, because this stupid tool requires either a Sandisk Cruzer that is 3.2GB or a Kingston Data Traveler that is 7GB (which I never heard of). Why so specific? Why not make this simple and less frustrating?


Put the thumbdrive in and it said it couldn't authenticate. So I turned off the verification and it went further and about 5 minutes it stopped and said error occurred. I've tried it dozens of times.

Ihor Oliinyk

Linux not supported

Mr. Semi (Furry)

so i have a windows computer, and my mom has the chromebook. i used every sd card and usb drive we owned, and it kept giving me the "your computer does not have drive write permissions" when it does and i know it.

Kathryn Ramsey

I have used both the Long Term Support and Long Term Support Candidate versions to create a Recovery stick for lenovo 500e gen 3 chromebooks and even though the process seems to work- Download, unpack, write - when I plug it into a device to recover the OS, I get a message that says "No valid image found". Any ideas of how to get a working recovery stick made?

enomate Kid

super great!!!!!!!!!

Wing Ho

The Chromebook recovery utility app works. However, you need to pay attention to a few things: 1. It's better to use a USB drive or SD Card with nothing on it. Everything on it will be completely erased. 2. I use Windows. After the recovery image was loaded on the USB Drive, the Windows showed many drives on the drives (or directories) on your USB drive. For example, mine showed from drive D to N. Windows prompted me error messages and asked me to format them. Do NOT format any one of them. I formatted my first USB drive and it now becomes totally useless. I could not even erase the image by using Chrome. Please just eject the USB drive without doing anything. 3. Then go to your Chromebook and follow the instructions to copy the image on the USB drive to your Chromebook, then it should cure your Chromebook. 4. After that, plug your USB drive back to your Windows computer, open Chrome and go to settings where you can then erase the image. Afterwards, use Windows to reformat your USB drive. Your USB drive should still be working. I took out two stars because the instructions do not mention that we should not format any drive when Windows prompt us after image was loaded on the USB drive. I saved my Chromebook but lost a USB drive. I had to use a second USB drive to make it work.

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